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@ Cleveland
@ Boston
@ Boston
Each Pick by Walt "The Fox" is $50
Los Angeles
@ Washington
Power Plays are when both Don and Walt agree on a selection
Each Power Play is $75
@ Minnesota
@ Cincinnati
New Orleans
@ Oklahoma City
Each Pick by Don "The Hound" is $50
Fox & Hound Guarantee

Fox & Hound Guarantee

Both Walt and Don are so confident in their individual picks and the F&H Power Plays they come with a 100% Guarantee. How does F&H Guaranteed Sports Picks work? 

The F&H Guarantee works like this: For any play you purchase at F&H Sports that does not cover the line, you will earn the same amount in F&H credits to use again at F&H for other sports picks.  In other words, if you pay for a $50 pick from Don and it does not win, you will have earned 50 credits in your account to be used for a future play.  These credits are automatically loaded into your members account the following day after a missed play. How can we guarantee sports picks? Follow us this season and find out what playing in the black is all about.  This guarantee is on all the plays every day!

Don and Walt have built their names in different ways but one thing remains the same; they consistently win at a high percentage for their members.  This is how they are able to guarantee sports picks for their community.   All sports picks and winning percentages are made public to all visitors and members immediately after the start of each game

Join today and start receiving guaranteed sports picks from F&H Sports Handicapping.

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