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@ Colorado
San Diego
@ Stanford
Wichita State
@ Missouri
Kansas City
@ Green Bay
Los Angeles
@ New England
Each Pick by Walt "The Fox" is $50
Air Force
@ Portland
Murray State
@ Illinois State
@ Pittsburgh
@ Tennessee
Power Plays are when both Don and Walt agree on a selection
Each Power Play is $75
North Dakota
@ UC Riverside
@ Tampa Bay
@ Los Angeles
San Francisco
@ Philadelphia
Each Pick by Don "The Hound" is $50
Consultant Yesterday's Results Last 7 Day Results
Walt Kramer 5-2 (71%) 19-16 (54%)
Don Hagen 5-2 (71%) 21-13 (62%)
F&H Power Plays 4-1 (80%) 19-10 (66%)

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Fox & Hound Sports is a professional sports handicapping service created and operated by two of the top sports handicappers online.  The Fox & Hound team are consultants for sports investors all over the world providing researched and documented sports picks.

Our professional sports handicapping team is anchored by Don Hagen, "The Hound and Walt Kramer, "The Fox".  Fox & Hound Sports is highly motivated and experienced professional sports handicappers that provide a superior service for superior bettors. Our clients are important and we provide 100% guaranteed results or your credit back!

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